My name is Anne Njeri. I am ten years old and am in class four. I came to Good Life Orphanage on 2010 and I live in Kilroe house. I have six sisters and six brothers in my home at The GLO, I love my family.

Happy Birthday Kilroe House 7th March 2015

Last Saturday was our house birthday and we had a very good day. We all woke up very early as the early bird catches the worm. I was very happy like a princess walking along her palace because I knew that it was a day for our birthday party.I did my usual morning work very well and then I took a shower. After taking shower, all the girls wore their sparkling dresses and the boys wore their smart clothes too. Then we all went and took breakfast. The tea and dumplings were sweet like honey.

Chabetty leads the prayer

After having breakfast we went to the TV room where we found some seats which were well arranged and my favorite gospel songs were playing at a low tone. We settled down waiting for the lunch to be brought for us to eat. Our Mamas and Aunties from the other houses had cooked Pilau.

A celebratory Pilau

After some few minutes Pilau and juice was brought and first served for the children and then our mamas. The food was very delicious and very sweet like honey.

Mama Tuta feeds Annie Njeri some cake

After finishing eating lunch we had entertainment. We sang different songs and danced and other children shared funny stories. Then the time for cutting of cake came and it was cut by the Kilroe house family. All the members of the GLO family ate the cake and enjoyed it very much. After eating the cake then present giving time followed and every Kilroe child was given a special present. I myself got a pencil case of many colors and very many pencils. I felt very happy like a king when I received my present.

The Kilroe House children perform for everyone

After receiving our presents we were told to prepare ourselves to go to Pirates beach and we did so very quickly. We started our journey to the beach at around 3:00 pm. When we reached the beach, we saw so many people some were swimming while others we seated or walking around the shore. We joined them to swim and we swam for one hour and thirty minutes and came back home.

Time for dancing & singing

When we reached home we were all tired and everyone was telling stories about what we saw at the beach. We ate our supper very early and went to bed.
It was a very happy day for me and a day that I will never forget.

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