School based sport is an important part of a child’s overall educational experience. When a child participates in sports they benefit not only physically but also socially and mentally. The inter-school games are a big part of the SBM school sports calender. Broadly speaking inter-school sports are offered in the fields of soccer, netball, volleyball, handball for competitive children between classes 4-8, this being the category where traditional inter-school sports resides.

Our Netball Team

Our Football Team

This year, our students have taken the inter-school games and sports to a higher notch. The first matches were held against Mtepeni Primary School, where we managed to have over 50 students representing us to the next level in various games. The second leg of the matches were held at The Mtepeni grounds again and our Handball team had a walkover to the third level since they didn’t have an opponent team to play against. 25 best players from the other games were also picked to represent the school to the third leg of the competition held at the Barani school.

Our Volleyball Team

Our Volleyball team in action

The team managers Md. Mary, Md. Milka and Mr. William under the tutelage of Md Elizabeth went out of their way to ensure that our teams shine at the Barani school. The competitive nature of the inter-school games fosters team work,problem-solving, leadership and responsibility to all participating persons. For the school,it ensures a developed community spirit, respect and fair play which is very inspirational for the children.

The SBM Team & Teachers

The current matches are in the preliminary stages that will culminate to the national matches in April. Currently, our teams will proceed to round four of the games to be held at Barani Primary later in the month. We hope that the learners will shine and represent the school all the way to the national level.

Inter-School Sports 01

A big thank you to our donor family and all the well wishers for their priceless support for our games department.

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