O'Malley Day Celebrations

It was a chilly Easter Monday when the O’Malley House Family woke up before the early birds started singing. They were all as happy as king’s daughters and sons walking around their palace, but they were also confused as a gecko because it was their birthday ceremony. Nevertheless they did their house cleaning and later the girls changed into their sparkling dresses and the boys wore their Sunday best.

Valentine with Ali & Chabetty

The same day was Easter Monday so Kilroe and Keogh house went to Catholic Church. The Church was busy as bees and also interesting. It was also the baptism day for Martin Mutua (Ali) of Flynn House. The Church service ended at noon and we came back home. Before we come home we went to Fayaz Bakery and bought a creamy cake for the birthday. When we reached home we found people at the TV room eating food and we also joined them. We were served and we continued eating the lunch, it was very tasty and delicious as honey.

O'Malley House cake giving

Gerald & Mama Jane getting his present

After a very tasty lunch The O’Malley house children entertained the GLO family with nice songs and after that we drank juice, ate biscuits and sweets. After enjoying all that it was time for cutting the cake, O’Malley House children were excited to cut the cake. After cutting and eating the cake we had a big group of visitors and we all invited them with a song.

Madam Mercy with Mary

The visitors were so happy that they presented themselves to the GLO children. After the presentation of the visitors it was the present giving time and the presents were given to O’Malley House Family. Then The O”Malley House Family went to the beach for swimming and playing with the sand as a special treat for their special day.

O'Malley House Children at the beach

Asante Sana O’Malley Family in Manchester for making all this possible. We hope you visit us all very soon
Written by Anne Njeri

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