by Mr Paul Mulinge Deputy Head
This year’s Mombasa International show came at a time when the country was in a state of anxiety, as they waited the ruling of presidential petition of elections concluded early in the month of August, it had started on 30th Aug and running to 3rd of Sept. On 2nd Sept, a day after the ruling we took all the standard 8 candidates to have an exposure to such a rare experience, one of the annual events. They were much excited as it had come as surprise to them as the news had been broken to them on Friday 1st of Sept.

All ready for the annual trip to Mombasa International Show

The day began quite peacefully, the excited students were all in school by 7.30am, and took their breakfast as they waited for departure time. At 8am their few kilometers journey began, accompanied by four teachers Mr Paul, Md Milka, Mr Bonface, Mr. Peter and volunteer Ciaran.

Learning about crop rotation at Mombasa Internation Show

After half an hour we all arrived safely, paid entrance fee as per the requirement.All students looked happy and eager to learn since it was all their first time to visit.
They visited a good number of stands, relevant to what they learn in school; agricultural stand, administration police stand, Kenya prison’s dept stand, law courts, NACADA[ National Authority for Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse] among others.

Mombasa International Show was very informative

At each step they ensured they got all information as they were all inquisitive. This gave them an opportunity to learn from different departments which would have been quite expensive, procedural and time consuming to visit them in other parts of the country. Ciaran also had a lot to learn not to forget the entertainment from traditional dancers whom he seemed to enjoy their moves most.

Very interested pupils with Madsm Milka at Mombasa International Show

Other than learning, the show acted as a recreation to the candidates who are a few weeks to their National Examination which will mark the end of their education in primary level.
I take this opportunity to express my gratuity on behalf of the students for the great support we receive from our generous donors. Asante sana.

Ciaran enjoys Mombasa International Show with Standard 8