Saidi is a gentle, innocent boy who has a special place in everyone’s heart, his smile lights up the room and it’s difficult to imagine what he has suffered before he joined The GLO Family after being rescued from the village where he lived.

When he arrive at the orphanage some three years ago we saw a young boy ravaged by years of living in poverty and abuse. Saidi has special needs and as a result was not treated very well from birth resulting in many physical & mental conditions that required specialist treatment.

Saidi needed one to one care 24/7 and Mama Stella quickly learnt how to deal with his medical conditions, she never faltered or gave up hope that he would make a recovery. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters an endless supply of colostomy bags were ferried across from the U.K. on every trip Kevin & Mary made, affording these bags in Kenya was so expensive.

Five operations later, Saidi has had his colostomy successfully reversed, we nearly lost him on three occasions as he ended up with infections and was at deaths door but he survived against all the odds.

Thanks to Father Gabriel and Agnes, Saidi had his operation in Kijabe Hospital this time, the staff were amazing. Mama Stella did not leave his side, he felt so safe & secure. Fraire was also on hand to deal with any problems they encountered. Bethan even drove from Nairobi to Kijabe to ensure his journey after the operations did not cause complications.

After an overnight stay in Nairobi with Bethan where Fraire had his first ever KFC, they caught the morning train to Mombasa, this was an adventure for everyone and Saidi enjoyed every moment of the journey. Thanks to your ongoing support and donations we were able to make this all happen !!

Saidi has now made a full recovery from the operation, he is enjoying life back at The GLO surrounded by his GLO Family who show him so much love on a daily basis. He is still wearing his “Lucky” Manchester United Kit which was a present from Catriona, Martin & the boys.

Life is so much better for Saidi now, he is making progress daily. Without the help & support of our donors and Saidi’s sponsors he would not be where he is today. A special word of thanks to our wonderful dedicated GLO staff and in particular Mama Stella, we are forever grateful for what you have done for Saidi.

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