As we commence the final term of 2019 academic year at St Bernadette Mary School we are aware that we have to be 100% committed to our pupils as their performance is a direct result of our dedication as teachers. Time is indeed moving very fast for an academic term that lasts for only 8 weeks. During the August holidays, a group of 4 SBM teachers attended the CBC training which was flawless in all centres where the training took place. Our Standard Three children also took part in a market cleaning exercise as part of the national assessment during the August holidays.

Education is a never-ending process. Through continuing education, career minded individuals can constantly improve their skill and become more proficient at their jobs. It is particularly important for teachers to pursue professional development, not only to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students but also to be more effective and satisfied in various other aspects of their work.

In the month of August, I graduated at Mt. Kenya University with a B. Ed (Hons) degree. Much gratitude to The Maher Family and Kevin & Mary Maguire, you have shown your sincere kindness by lending a hand in my education & well-being. One of my greatest passion in life was to pursue a higher degree in education, this would never have been possible without your support. I only hope that I can make meaningful contribution to the educational pursuit of our students just as you made my dream a reality. You give us (we the teachers, support staff & students) so much love and I cannot express my gratitude by any words.

We are very happy to have Ms. Juliet join us for this term, she graduated at the Creative Business School (South Africa) with a Master’s degree in marketing, advertising and communication. Juliet has worked with many large NGO’s and is giving back to the SBM School & The GLO in a very special way by having informative sessions with the students & the teachers as well. Her insight is very valuable and empowering. Her inspiring speeches to the students and the teachers, emphasising how small challenges are great steps to success will not be forgotten for a long time to come.

As we usher in the new term, our teachers had the termly staff meeting under the theme, “THE HOME STRETCH; FINISHING STRONG.” It is immense joy to meet happy and highly motivated students who are eager and keen to continue learning. In every way, SBM School continues to provide a line of defence and instil hope to lives of so many vulnerable children who face myriad challenges from their backgrounds. We wish our Standard 8 pupils much success in their K.C.P.E. Examination in October, your results will be the benchmark for SBM School in 2020 !!