Hello. How are you doing there? Pleasure all mine to hear that you are good. Here, back in Kenya am still great, good and healthy.  Just paying gratitude to the Lord God almighty for the far He has brought me. As far as the state affairs are concerned, we are experiencing for the first time in my lifetime a lockdown as we try to stop the spread Coronovirus.

Though long am great to report that my journey has safely come to an end. I remember it was in 2011 when I joined St. Bernadette Marys in class four. Switching in to another cool environment was a challenge but I finally fit in to the system.

I remember my first mark in that great institution was 292. I didn’t give up. I kept soaring higher and higher and finally emerged the best when the KCPE results were finally announced in 2015. I garnered a total of 399 marks. Thanks to God almighty you decided to offer me a scholarship to Moi High School Gesusu in Kisii, an academic power house there.

Life there was not a walk in the park. It was the survival for the fittest stuff. If you were unable to compete favourable, then you become extinct. Thanks to God as his favour was upon me.  I fitted in. I competed favourable and emerged among the best in the 2019 KCSE exams in our school with an A – (minus) of 79 points. What an achievement.

This was made possible by the unceasing efforts teachers directed on my side to ensure that I make it and your efforts of having my fees cleared in time so as to maximise my time in school. Thanks to all who contributed towards my great achievement. I adore you all. You are my pride.

With my well balanced grades I wish to join any meaningful medicine course i.e. dental surgery, surgery, pharmacy or generally be a medical office the so called MOs. My wish is to do such a course from the university of Nairobi, Strathmore or even abroad where such courses are offered.

Over and above am grateful for the great role you have played in my life for paying my fees. I’m too thankful to my parents for giving me up and raising me up responsibly. I too would like the GLO & SBM fraternity for their significant role they play especially Mama Mary and Papa Kevin.

To all the teachers who attended to me since in primary school too I appreciate your unceasing efforts. Besides that, you’re the key player in this game of transformation of boys into gentlemen. So please accept my sincere gratitudes. May God’s favour be upon you. Thank you again for the continued support. God Bless – Stephen Nduni

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