by Peter McDonald – GLO Volunteer

Victor is now a very mature 14 year old teenager who I first noticed when he crafted home made toys with anything he could find. I was absolutely fascinated with his helicopter with moving parts and a small battery operated motor which spun the blades. Although it wasn’t my role to select the students, Victor approached me about helping in the welding workshop.

After a short safety induction, he was set to work. As an experienced welder of 40 years and later an instructor at various colleges in the UK, it was my opinion within the first hour that he was so naturally talented! Engineers aren’t born engineers but Victor is going to be one.

Just a short history of this young man. Victor along with his siblings Jameo and Anne arrived at The Good Life Orphanage on 4th March 2016 from Kikambala Rescue Centre. They had been there for four weeks after the police in Mtwapa had been notified of their plight, sadly their mother had addiction issues and the children were left to fend for themselves. Victor is very mature in his attitude having looked after his siblings from such a young age. The family are of the Masai tribe and one can tell . They are tall and proud with no time for fools!

He continually stands up for others and the children at the orphanage look up to him, literally and if anyone is treated unfairly, he speaks up for them. After a visit with Mama Delrosa & Hemed to his extended family in Kajardo South, some 600km from the orphanage, Victor has longed to be reunited with his family. Thanks to some great detective work from Hemed, The GLO located his mother and with support & counselling she now has the children back with her.

Victor is now the man of the house again, I visited them at their home and I know that it’s never going to be easy but the love of a family group is always better than any institution, even with the first class facilities offered at the GLO. Before the children were reunited with their mother, the courts insisted on certain measures including there should be beds for the children so myself, Jackson and Victor had to build steel bunk beds in a hurry.

The family will receive ongoing support and their situation will be closely monitored. They will still receive their education at St Bernadette Mary School and Victor comes each Saturday to the GLO to continue his training under Jackson’s supervision. Every two weeks food and supplies are dropped off with the family so they do not go without.

Last report was that Victor is still making great progress. People like Victor are the future of this great country. The greatest aid you can give is education because, as my late mum said :” No one can ever take it away from you “, for which I have been eternally grateful. I would like to thank you for reading this, for your support and your sponsorship.

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