Christmas 2020 was a very strange celebration compared to the normal at The Good Life Orphanage, as going to Church is still not possible due to the restrictions the children said group prayers before they proceeded to enjoy a very tasty dinner. This year our numbers were much smaller as many children have now been reunited with their extended families in line with the new regulations for Charitable Children’s Institutions.

Hemed and Fraire visited all the children before Christmas with a present and also food for the family so they could also enjoy a good Christmas Dinner, even though the children are living back in the community we feel that they still benefit from this support as we really want this new system to succeed.

As always the pilau was a welcome treat along with soda and some cake, this is a GLO Christmas tradition and our children really look forward to it.

After eating it was time for Christmas Gifts, all our children and staff got a present, everyone was very grateful for their present. Although it was a very different Christmas Day The GLO managed to celebrate the birth of Jesus and finished off with Thank You prayers for our supporters and for keeping everyone safe during this global pandemic.

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