Since March the gates to St Bernadette Mary School have remained shut, the pupils and staff alike have missed attending school so it was a welcome relief to learn that the school could be re-opened but only to Class 4 & Class 8. So many new hygiene procedures are now in place for everyone to make our school a Covid free area. Masks were given to all the pupils who have to wear them as soon as they enter the compound and hands are sanitised.

Valentine, Simon and Mary were busy making very colourful masks and our pupils & teachers really appreciate their efforts as they look so smart, it is now the new fashion accessory according to our girls in Class 4. All are just so happy to be back at school and we can rest assured they are smiling beneath the masks.

Class 8 pupils are all very aware that they have actually missed out on over six months of their most important school year but all are very focused on making up for lost time, their K.C.P.E. Examinations will be held in in early March. As none of the pupils have any access to online learning their only education since March has been picking up work sheets & lessons twice weekly from the school gate. Although this was far from ideal it was far more than any of our neighbouring schools done so at least they have that on their side.

For our own GLO children Frankie & Elvis they have had the opportunity to do daily online classes at the orphanage, although neither boy is very interested in their school work we do hope this helps them when it comes to doing their K.C.P.E. Examinations. For the pupils coming from Mtepeni village and the surrounding area being back at school means having their bowl of Ugi every morning and the security of knowing their oasis during the pandemic that is raging everywhere.

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