The Mulberry Bush Nursery Group are a group of five family run and owned nurseries based in Bury who have been supporting our project for the past thirteen years years. There is a very close bond between the orphanage and The Mulberry Bush Nursery Group with each nursery sponsoring one of our children. Their charity week in 2020 raised over £6k which was divided between The GLO & Children in Need, the £3311.56 donation was immediately earmarked for much needed equipment for our Therapy & Respite Centre.

Due to strict Covid-19 restrictions in Kenya including a ban on crossing county lines Hemed and Endricah only managed to make the trip last month to Nairobi to buy the equipment. As you can imagine both were very excited at the prospect of using the new SGR train passing through Tsavo National Park and seeing all the different wild life living there. On arrival at Nairobi they had a very busy schedule as there were different suppliers to visit and as always a bit of bartering to get some discount, Hemed has been taught by the master, Papa Kevin !!

They eventually settled with one supplier as the products were of very good quality and they also agreed to give us a very good discount on promise that we will be buying additional equipment from them when the need arises. Our purchase included Therapy mats, Rollers, Pegboard, Velcro board, Hammock, Trampoline, Heat gun, Wedge, male & female Velcro, Thermoplastic splinting material, Teddy rings, Therapressure brush, Dolphin massager, Building blocks, Assorted puzzles and Electric brushes.

On arrival at The GLO we had to call for assistance in erecting the trampoline, Eluid & Ben were on-hand to help Endricah who was very happy to receive all the new equipment. There was much anticipation as they unpacked the many boxes.

For children like Abuy Sammy having access to therapy would be impossible without The GLO, the family are very poor and travelling to the hospital is not an option. Here Endricah is using the new heat gun and thermoplastic material to make her own splints. Also Omar who has delayed milestones is being trained on eye / hand co-ordination and concentration. These two boys are among the fifty-seven children who attend the Therapy & Respite Centre each month.

“The Therapy & Respite Centre is making a huge difference in our society as parents feel relief in meeting the special needs of their children. Here we have somewhere they know they can share their challenges in bringing up their children and financially its a big relief for them as even the transport is a huge burden for them. Thanks to the donors who enable The GLO to offer this much needed support” Hemed Jumaa – GLO Operations Manager

“This will help us have an ample time when working with our clients to train them on different milestones, for sensory integration. We shall also be using some of the tools to train some of our clients on concentration, eye hand coordination, proprioception and vestibular stimulation. We will also use some in positioning and making splints for our client.” Endricah – Occupational Therapist <