After some 15 months of strict Covid-19 restrictions having PP1 Registration Day was very welcome as we return to normality slowly. On 3rd June 2021 fifty-eight children met the first stages of the strict criteria for admission to PP1 and were invited to attend registration day. For some of the children it was a chance to meet other children and see SBM School for the first time but for many of the boys it was a very upsetting experience as this is the first time many have been separated from their mothers albeit for about ten minutes whilst the teachers assessed whether they had ever held a pencil before.

Our team of experienced teachers and support staff were oh-hand to assist with the registration procedure, after nearly ten years they are very competent and can spot the parents who are trying to gain a place under false pretense. These places are much sought after as SBM School is one of the best schools in the area and for a child to get a free education is unique in Kenya so we understand why some parents are perhaps being economical with the truth.

Following the assessment Julius our Headteacher addressed the parents paying particular attention to the ethos of the school, he also pointed out that Fraire our Social Worker and the chairperson of the PTA will visit each home to see exactly who is the most needy and meets the next stage of the admission criteria as with 58 children and only 30 places there will be some disappointment.

We wish them all the best of luck, thank all our staff for their hard work and will keep you updated with who was successful !!