Christmas 2022 was celebrated in great style at The GLO, all the children had received a new outfit for Christmas and for many of our older children this meant a trip to Kongowea Market in Mombasa to choose their own clothes. The Mamas & Aunties cooked a big Pilau and this year we had a family from Western Kenya who were staying on the Coast for their Christmas break join us for the festivities, Mr Stanley, his wife & children helped with the preparations.

Following a lovely meal and cutting of the Christmas Cake all the children received a Christmas gift which made them all very grateful for the wonderful support we receive from our very generous sponsors. As always we did not forget any of the children who are now living with their extended families. Fraire travelled up country to carry out his annual home visits to each & every child bringing gifts and supplies. Some of these children now live 800km from The GLO but no-one was excluded from Fraire’s list and all the families greeted him warmly, all appreciate the ongoing support they receive from The GLO.

The children who now live with their extended families in Kilifi County also had a visit from Fraire on Christmas Eve with a present for each child and also a food parcel so they had a good meal on Christmas Day. They were so happy to see Uncle Fraire and the families all expressed their gratitude for the support they still receive, they are good people who just need that extra help in caring for the children who are now back in the community.

We cannot express in words our heartfelt gratitude for the support we receive, the children living at The GLO and the children who are now reunited with their extended families are all happy and healthy. Fraire’s reports from the home visits are full of positivity, the children have all adapted to life back in the villages, they may not have the soft beds or the home comforts the children at The GLO have but they have the link with their relatives who with the ongoing support take great care of their new family members.

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