Many of you will know Grace’s story, she was the first girl to come through our gates along with Michael in April 2008. Grace was six months old and came from Coast General Hospital, it was a day that is engraved in our memories as we welcomed her & Michael to The GLO. As a baby she cried a lot as she was very poorly but quickly she settled into life at O’Malley House.

Soon there were many other playmates at The GLO and we soon discovered that Grace was a very caring intelligent young girl, she always helped her Mama and Auntie, at SBM School she became a firm favourite with the teachers & support staff. Everyone has a special place in their hearts for our Grace Lulu especially our volunteers who visited over the project over the years.

Grace was one of the top performing pupils at SBM School, fast forward to 2022 when she achieved the highest K.C.P.E. mark in her year, a fantastic 396/500 enabling her to a place in one of the best national schools in Kenya, Lugulu Girls High School, 880km from The GLO. They have a very high percentage of pupils who gain direct access to university annually, last year 474 out of 493 pupils went to university so Grace is getting the best opportunity to become a pilot which is her dream.

Grace and Mama Delrosa made the long journey to Lagulu on 6th February as the school reopened for the 2023 academic year, Grace was tired but so excited to be joining this prestigious high school.

Unlike the U.K. high schools in Kenya are not free and are very expensive, to send Grace to this school is very costly as the fees, uniform, books and associated costs exceed £1,200 per annum. We are very grateful for the parishioners from Guardian Angels & St Hilda’s parishes in Bury for assisting with these costs, we know Grace will make us all very proud.

Out of 102 qualified pilots in Kenya only 3 are women so Grace has a mountain to climb to succeed but with her positive attitude & hard work she just might make the grade, we wish her the best of luck and have every confidence in her ability to become a pilot.

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