A fantastic day was had by everyone at the GLO especially the children in Kilroe House who celebrated their birthday. As Mama Tuta is on her annual leave Auntie Mapenzie with the help of the Mamas & Aunties organised a great evening of dancing, singing & celebrations.

Kilroe Birthday 01

Kilroe Birthday Cake

After the mandatory cutting of the cake & feeding it to one another of the Kilroe House Family, all the children enjoyed cake, soda and some sweets, this is a very special treat as the children are only allowed sweets on a Saturday night if they have behaved & worked hard during the week.

Kilroe Birthday Cutting the Cake

saidi feeds Auntie Mapenzi the cake

Then each children from Kilroe House received a present and our GLO Pre-teen group provided the entertainment with all joining in.

Winnie gets her present.jpg

Saidi gets his present.jpg

A massive thank you to the Kilroe Family for their continued support & generosity to our project enabling these children to enjoy the security of a place they can call home and many we know would not be here today without it xx

Here is a photo of Baby Tim enjoying some birthday cake!!!

Baby Tim has some cake

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