Fionnghuala was found abandoned at Mikindani estate and taken to Coast Provincial General Hospital by police officer from Changamwe Police Station.No one knows the reasons why she was abandoned but when she arrived at the GLO in November 2008 she was about two weeks old and was named after Pat & Marie Watters grand-daughter Fionnaulaugh O’Neill. They were visiting the project at the time and Marie accompanied Mama Mary to the hospital to bring her to her new home at the GLO.

Marie with Fionnhulaugh

With the changes to the constitution in Kenya last year all CCI’s must now liaise with adoption agencies to try to find suitable homes for the children and in December 2011 The Little Angels Adoption Agency called us at the GLO informing us that there is a parent called Jane Wangui who wanted to visit our project as she was interested in adopting a child. Following her initial visit Jane phoned Little Angels the following day and said she wished to start the process of adopting Fionnghuala.Jane came for the 2nd time on 25/12/2011 at GLO and celebrated with us the birth of Christ that is Christmas. She followed up the rules of the Stage 1 successfully and then proceeded with the Stage 2 which is a three month bonding session. Prior to Fionnghuala leaving for a the bonding period a medical check up was required. Jane decided to take Fionnghuala to Aga Khan hospital where the Paediatric Consultant was amazed that she came from an orphanage as she was so well cared for and so healthy, Dr Hemed Twahir applauded the GLO and we all know it is a result of Mama Dommy and Auntie Gracie’s dedication to the children in Maguire House.

Fionnaulaugh & Roisin

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It was by coincidence on Saturday 18th February 2012 when Jane was coming to pick Fionghaulla, Mama Mary and Papa Kevin were bringing Pat & Marie Watters back to the GLO, Marie was amazed to see Fionnghuala’s progress since she first brought her to the GLO in 2008. It was the first time Papa Kevin & Mama Mary had witnessed one of the children being adopted so it was a very emotional day for them as they always look on the children as their own and they have seen Fionnghuala growing up at the GLO.

Preparing to say goodbye

The G.L.O was a beehive of activities with singing and dances being led by mother in charge of Flynn Mama Jane, in receiving our visitors and letting our own Fionnghuala go. As Mama Dommy has been with Fionnghuala since she was brought in 2008, she could not hold back her tears on seeing the child she had natured leave. After a few speeches, we thanked God by a word of prayer before leaving to Malindi on the 1st step of her new life. She was passed along a line of Mamas, Aunties & older children on her way out, the older children were visibly moved to be losing one of their little sisters.

Pat passes Fionnghuala along

So I George and Mama Dommy had to accompany Fionnghuala to her new home, on arrival we were surprised to see Fionnghuala’s photographs already in the house and her bed was well covered with teddy bears. We were served soft drinks with cake and Jane very kindly gave Mama Dommy a present as a sign of good motherhood.

Mama Jane welcomes Fionnghuala

My new bedroom

Since then Madam Mercy & myself George have had follow up meetings with Little Angels Adoption Agency, Jane and Fionnghuala, although she was lonely to begin with crying for her siblings especially Patrick and Mama Dommy, she has now settled at school and seems very happy in her new home, here is the photo from last week

Mercy meets Fionnaulaugh

May God Bless Fionnaulaugh & Mama Jane
George Ayieko

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