So many photos, how do you decide?
2012 has been a very busy year again at The Good Life Orphanage, we have been blessed with fantastic hardworking staff and volunteers, and also with another twelve children arriving its very difficult to choose only ten of our favourite photos. Here are some of our favourites although we could have easily had a Top 100 Photos.

1. In February 2012 the Ireland Cricket Team were visiting Mombasa for the World Qualifiers, imagine the surprise on our faces when John Mooney, Alex Cusack & Trent Johnston paid us a visit along with Philip from Camara. As you can see from the photo, Papa Kevin & Mama Mary are very happy welcoming our V.I.P. Guests and they have kept in touch ever since.
Trent, Mary, Kevin, John, Mika & Alex

2. Here is Mama Alice from O’Malley House. Mama Alice is a wonderful lady who is very caring, compassionate and always puts the child’s needs first & foremost. O’Malley House is always so tidy and well organised with a very happy family atmosphere. She epitomises our ideal House Mama and we are truly grateful to have Mama Alice as one of our GLO Staff.
Mama Alice - O'Malley House

3. This photo of Pat & Paulo is a gem, Paulo was afraid to walk past the cows on his way up from school for lunch. Pat was busy building at the shamba but stopped and brought Paulo back up to Flynn House. Many would have continued to work but Pat showed his compassion by this kind gesture.
photo (4).JPG

4. Looking outside the walls of The GLO we see people living in abject poverty, many people wake in the morning without any idea of how they are going to provide food for their families that day, but amid all of this we came across these two boys looking so proud after finishing making their matatu. There live in a mud hut, have no running water, no electricity and more than likely very little food but that is their life and we try to help wherever we can.
Village boys with their little toy

5. It is easy to see why we picked this photo, such happiness from Andrew, Kari and the GLO children. Andrew & Kari were our two long term volunteers this year and much like Monika & Dan in 2011 really made a difference at The GLO and St Bernadette Mary School. They were so hard working and dedicated, they never refused any task they were given and for that we say a massive Asante Sana from everyone!
Andrew, Kari & the children

6. Baby Tumaini/Ruth may have only been with us for a short time but as you can see from this photo she captured our hearts. Found abandoned and brought to The GLO but unbeknown to us her father and grandmother were frantically searching for the baby & her mother who suffered from severe mental health problems. Thankfully they were reunited and we hope & pray all goes well now for the family.
Jambo Baby Ruth Tumaini

7. Well anyone who stayed in Kilroe House will know these two little rascals very well, Evelyn & Melissa having the ultimate “Bad Hair Day” in this photo. What characters Evelyn & Melissa are, its often easy to forget the terrible abuse they suffered before arriving at The GLO. Kilroe House is a very happy house indeed with Mama Tuta & Auntie Mapenzi at the helm but boy oh boy they have their hands full with these two.
Evelyn & Melissa having a Bad Hair Day

8. We have included this photo of Charles our physiotherapist working with Michelle. Charles comes every Saturday for five hours and works with Michelle & Lawrence. He is very caring and experienced in his field. Volunteers working within the NHS in UK were amazed with his dedication and proficiency. We are very lucky to have Charles as part of our team at the orphanage.
Charles & Michelle

9. Language is not a barrier where children are concerned, here is Niamh having a brilliant time with Paolo, Janie & Naomi. Niamh speaks no Swahili and Paolo, Janie & Naomi only speak a little English but it did not stop them becoming best buddies during Niamh’s visit in October to the orphanage.
Best of buddies

10. We all know that Papa Kevin has a very special place in his heart for Moses, Caleb & Joshua since the day they were rescued from a very badly run orphanage that was forced to close down. In this photo he is having a deep conversation with Moses whilst Gracie looks on.
Papa Kevin with Gracie & Moses

In the words of Mother Teresa “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” and to us that is The GLO!!

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