Precious , Marvelous & Nyevu are siblings who joined our GLO family on 8th February 2013 after their mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was to attend radiotherapy treatment at Nairobi while their father deserted them after some strange incidences in the family. Nyevu being the last born took a little bit longer time to adapt to the GLO environs and used to cry a lot for her mother while the other two settled in well without any difficulties.

Marvelous,Mkambe & Precious arrive at The GLO  .JPG

Under Mama Tuta’s care the three children have been progressing and developing very well in all aspects. Firstly in education, Precious the eldest child now in upper primary in Class Four has shown huge improvement. In the previous exam she was among the best students and was crowned the most improved pupil in her class. She is a calm girl and enjoys helping in the house chores, she has many friends at school and in the orphanage.

Precious, Makambe & Marvelous in their new uniforms

Marvelous also has been doing quite well although his performance dropped a bit in the end term exams. He is a happy boy and enjoys playing childish games with his friends. Mama Mary and Marvelous spend many hours chatting during her last stay at The GLO, she found him to be a confident caring boy who is well aware of his mother’s condition.

Marvelous  First day in school

Nyevu joined KG1 this year and has made us proud at the orphanage because she was No1 in the end term exams. She is well known by all at the orphanage and SBM school for her happy disposition, always the first to entertain people through singing dancing and sharing stories. Nyevu, Evelyn & Angel have struck up a very close friendship in Kilroe House where all three can be seen ‘performing’ all the time, even when they are supposed to be doing homework.

Nyevu, Evelyn & Angel 1st day at School

Ever since their admission to GLO their mother has always been very concerned about their progress and always communicates with us to know how her children are doing. During holidays she usually picks them up and spends time with them (as required by the CCI rules & encouraged by our GLO Trustees) – she is a very good mother. Towards the end of February 2014 their mama had hopes that she will be given a clean bill of health. She was busy making plans to reunite with her children again as she had finished her treatment at the clinic in Nairobi, all that was left was an operation to remove her ovaries. She did present her request to the DCO and after consulting with the GLO staff, it was agreed that the children would leave the GLO and return home once she had recovered from the operation.

Precious, Marvelous & Nyevu with their Mama

Following the operation a biopsy was taken for further tests, unfortunately the results were devastating as the disease had spread to other parts of her body and her life expectancy was cut short. This news has had a profound effect on both the Mama and the children as she is due to start further treatment this month at a radiotherapy clinic in Nairobi. She has discussed the situation at length with Uncle Hemed who has assured her that Precious, Marvelous & Nyevu will remain at The GLO until they are 18 years old in our care.

Marvelous, Nyevu & Precious

Since she loves her children so much and is feeling unwell but the illness didn’t stop her spending three weeks with them during this April holiday. On their return to the orphanage the children explained that they really enjoyed spending time with their mother and pray for a miracle cure but realise their mother has another battle on her hands.

Precious and siblings before they left for their home visit

They are in good health except for Marvelous who developed a problem which will require minor surgery so with his mother’s blessing we have arranged for this operation to take place on Monday 12th May, he should make a full recovery.All the three children are now busy getting ready to start a new term in school and will be doing tune up exams in the next two weeks. We all pray for their mama to get cured and reunite with them as this is her daily dream.


A special word of thanks goes to Precious, Marvelous & Nyevu’s sponsors who by their support enable us to be able to give them this security at such an unsettling time. Jenny, Bethan & Louise you are making a difference to these three wonderful children and you are giving their Mama contentment & peace of mind while she starts another battle with cancer.

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