With SBM School closed for a long period during Covid-19 lockdown it has been a difficult academic year for all our pupils but especially Class 8. The K.C.P.E Examinations finally were held in late March 2022, and the results were quickly published thanks to a very efficient marking system. Our pupils receive V.I.P. treatment whilst completing their examinations over a three day period, finishing off with a special lunch.

For our two GLO children attending SBM School and the remaining four attending various other schools as they are back living in the community it was a mixed bag in the examinations. Rama Kombe scored 412 marks which is just amazing. Rama attends Crossroads Academy in Vipingo, and with the ongoing support from his sponsor he gets a monthly allowance for food and other needs which has made a big difference.

Naomi also done well getting 327 points, again her score has exceeded our expectations as she was only getting 300 points some months ago, all credit to the dedication of her teachers, our GLO staff and also Naomi’s hard work. She will now join one of the high schools on the coast so she is not too far away from The GLO.

Obama scored 324 marks, just behind Naomi and again improved greatly since the New Year when he was also getting over 300 marks. Obama managed to get B+ & B- in all his subjects so we expect him to be offered a place in a good school. Obama is a very well behaved, pleasant young man who can look after himself so boarding school will not be a problem for him.

Marvelous now lives with his mother in Kilifi Town, in his K.C.P.E. Examinations he got 306 which is also good. Marvelous has taken on the mantle of “Man of the House” since returning to live with his Mama, we are waiting to see his offer for high school and with the ongoing help of his sponsors we know he will do well.

Since returning to live with his extended family both Brian & Chabetty are very content, and whilst Brian got 258 points in his K.C.P.E. examinations he already has received his offer of a place in high school. Hemed and Fraire are working closely with the family to ensure he gets the best opportunity.

For Jane 2021 was a difficult year, due to health issues she was absent from school and got 234 marks in her K.C.P.E. examinations, we are in discussions with Jane and the family to find a way forward. Some of the family would like her to repeat Class 8 but Jane is adamant that she wants to progress to high school, as she now lives in Lamu it is difficult to arrange meetings.

A massive thank you to our excellent team of teachers led by Mr Jairus and Madam Jane, they have worked endlessly to give these children a chance to escape the circle of poverty by getting the best education. SBM School is an oasis of learning, we now have past pupils at university and vocational training colleges, without this educational facility many still would not have completed their K.C.P.E. Examinations, it is making a difference to so many lives.

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