The St Bernadette Mary Spirit Award

Neema’s Next Step

Hi there, my name is Neema Kazungu and I finished Form Four in December 2018 thanks to the support I received. After managing to secure a place at SBM School where my education was a very high standard and free, I finished my primary education there scoring 374 out of 500 marks in my KCPE […]

Betty at her home on the rubbish tip

Happy 10th Birthday O’Malley House

By Betty Nabwire – 8 years old It was on Saturday 07/04/2018 morning when we woke up full of joy and happiness on our faces. We knew it was our big day, our house birthday, we celebrate this special day in memory of Micheal O’Malley (R.I.P.). I went and prayed for five minutes and made […]

Amanda & David in our new sewing room

Our 2018 Sewing Room Class

by Hemed Jumma A chance visit to The Good Life Orphanage by Amanda & David Hampton with Nico in early 2012 was the start of a very special friendship and a donation that continues to change the lives of so many. When The Fallon Family, having heard about our project from Amanda, donated the funds […]

Hassan receives this present from Madam Mercy

Happy Birthday Kilroe House

By Hassan Kombe In Kilroe House we celebrate our special house birthday on the 8th March in memory of Tim Kilroe, as it was during the week this year we actually celebrated on Saturday 10th March. We woke up at 6.00am, made our beds neatly and started helping our house mother and aunt to do […]

Very busy producing the kits


by Valentine Wanjiku We often use the hashtag #MakingaDifference when posting updates to our donors and supporters, this blog is all about how we are making a difference to the lives of many young girls in Kenya. Rudia Sodo (DFG) was set up in late 2016 under the tutelage of Carrie Grubb from Utah with […]

SBM School 2018

A New Year, A Fresh Perspective

by Joseph Karanja 2018 knocked at our doors heavy laden with a perfect opportunity for a fresh perspective in SBM. On 3rd January the school officially opened and the teaching staff had busy schedules re-organising new classes and purging any resources that they didn’t need. The entire January too saw a review of many of […]

Jummanne & Hamisi's home

A 2nd Chance for Hamisi & Jummanne

Hamisi Nyawa and Jummanne Ali are two blind children of approximately 12 years and 5 years old respectively. The two are cousins as their mothers are siblings. They come from Sparki area in Mombasa and being children from a slum setting, life has not been easy for them. Nico Mbuya, one of our trustees at […]