The home of Kelvin Nyale

Spirit of St Bernadette Mary School 2017

by Peter Keyruby The St Bernadette Mary School Spirit Award is a very competitive and much sought-after award which every pupil attending the school cherish to earn. Thanks to the generosity of Eileen Fray who sponsors this award and having spent her working life in education she believes being a good pupil is not just […]

A full house @ training

Staff Training @ The GLO & SBM School

By Winfred Ngile Learning has no age limits; it is a continuous process that can take place in the entire life of an individual. From the 13th November to the 16th November was very special four days for both GLO and SBM staffs. We had training on basic counselling skills which for the first time […]

Harrison boards the bus bound for Nairobi

My 1st Trip to Nairobi by Harrison Mgoti

After receiving the news that I was placed in 2nd position in the eKitabu 2017 Digital Essay Competitions I eagerly awaited notification of the awards ceremony in Nairobi. Then day for me to visit Nairobi had finally arrived, I had never been there before. I woke up with the birds and got myself prepared and […]

Winfred, Kevoo & Mama Mapenzi prepare for the long journey

Kevoo’s Interview

by Winfred Ngile On Tuesday the 3rd October at around 8:00pm, Uncle Hemed,Mama Mapenzi and I accompanied Kevoo to Thika as he was to attend an interview the following day at Joy Town special school.We had a nice journey and Kevoo was very happy to ride on a bus.We arrived at Thika Town at around […]

All ready for the annual trip to Mombasa International Show

A trip to Mombasa International Show

by Mr Paul Mulinge Deputy Head This year’s Mombasa International show came at a time when the country was in a state of anxiety, as they waited the ruling of presidential petition of elections concluded early in the month of August, it had started on 30th Aug and running to 3rd of Sept. On 2nd […]

Karibu GLO

Karibu Crossroads Fellowship Centre

By Margastone Kazungu It was a typical Saturday morning at The GLO with the birds were singing their sweet melodies. I jumped out of my mahogany bed leaving behind my blanket hanging awkwardly like Maasai earrings. I rushed to the bathroom and took a bath. Without wasting time because time wasted is never recovered, I […]

Neighbour hands the children over to Mercy

Goodbye to Raymond & Mary Odhiambo

by Hemed Jumaa Raymond & Mary joined The GLO on 7th November 2012 after being abandoned by their mother in Mtwapa. During their admission, both the two were in poor health especially Mary who was severely malnourished. For the past five years that they have been under GLO’s care, we have seen tremendous changes in […]

John Samuel in January 2015 with Mama Mary

Farewell John Samuel R.I.P.

By Joseph Karanja How possibly could it be true that he is gone? How possible is it yet just a day before on Saturday 22nd, he was with us just right here in school for a whole morning till noon? Why such a tender life? Why John Samuel? Why did you have to go so […]