Happy Birthday McKenna Transition House

Happy Birthday McKenna Transition House

by Precious Mdobze The McKenna Transition House is our home, we are the older children at The Good Life Orphanage and we are all learning how to care for ourselves in preparation for life outside the security of the orphanage. We are truly blessed to live in such a loving & caring environment thanks to […]

The house Harrison's family live in along with three other families


by Hemed Juma As many of you who follow our project on social media, we often add #Makingadifference and over the past couple of weeks we have managed to actually make a massive difference to one little girl’s life. The GLO and SBM School have always worked jointly to bring new hopes in the lives […]

Happy faces as we prepare to enter Shimba Hills

Easter Trip to Simba Hills by Hemed Jumaa

Easter 2017 has been a very special time at The Good Life Orphanage but the highlight has been an awesome trip to Shimba Hills National Reserve. We started our journey a few minutes past Six and the first great experience they had was at the ferry. Most of them had never boarded a ferry and […]

SBM School Debating Contingent

SBM School Debating Society by Madam Milka

The SBM Debating Society is one of the most active clubs in the school, it is headed by Madam Milkah and Madam Jane. There are thirty seven active society members registered from Class 4 to Class 8. Our main objective is to develop eloquence, confidence and team work among the learners. We usually meet on […]


Amina’s story

My name is Amina Monje. I am 18 years old and I am the fourth born in a family of five children. I am a total orphan since both my parents passed away after a long period of illness, my mother has been dead for two years and my father passed away over five years […]

Mr Paul & Mr Joe

A Change of Guard @ SBM School

By Joe Karanja – SBM Head Teacher Ever since the start of the term in January Paul and I embarked on a journey that is meant to transform SBM into a child friendly school. For children to perform better they need to be assured of a friendly environment and the positive support from the teacher […]

Happy Birthday Kilroe House Family

Happy Birthday Kilroe House

The 8th of March is a very special day for the children living in Kilroe House, it is the birthday of Tim Kilroe (R.I.P) and also the day the children celebrate a joint house birthday. We now have eleven children living in Kilroe House as Precious has gone across to the girls wing of The […]


No Place Like Home

Here at The Good Life Orphanage all the children receive three meals daily, they live in comfortable surroundings in a family environment and receive a good education but as our children are getting older, many crave for the connection with their blood relatives, the sense of belonging to their biological families. Anne Njeri was one […]